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SSB for Yamaha XJR400

This time I made ssb for Yamaha’s XJR400. Basically it has the same structure as ZRX400, CB400 etc. Although it is showing sufficient effect, the rear slider on the left side seems to be necessary. How is it? http://zrx-drz.at.webry.info/201706/article_5.html Like Like Love Haha Wow Sad Angry

SSB Compact Crash Bars for Yamaha MT-10 with slider

This time I made SSB Crash guards for the Yamaha MT10. Since there were no easy anchor points, at first I had a feeling that it’ll be a little difficult to design. Additionally since the ECU is inside the fairing it would be a tricky one… But it turned out quite nice and compact on […]

MT03 Gymkhana specification in progress

I decided to participate in GSXS 1000 this season. We also began developing the gymkhana specification of Yamaha MT-03, a promising vehicle in the middle class. So far we have tuned up front and rear suspension, final sprocket ratio and position matching, aslo ECU re-writing. This are the modifications just for now I am going […]

I will compete in the SB class

Because the Dunlop Cup was able to get the 3rd number briskly I was planning to enter with MT-07, I could not stand but to decid to run in the Dunlop Cup with the Suzuki GSX-S1000 Thank you SB people. http://zrx-drz.at.webry.info/201703/article_5.html Like Like Love Haha Wow Sad Angry