2022 Ehime Dunlop Cup expedition

I participated in the annual Ehime Dunlop Cup.
This year is the first time for a full-fledged expedition due to continued poor physical condition.
As usual, I took a ferry from Osaka Nanko and entered Ehime.


Participate in the training the day before, check the feeling of the course, and the day of the race.


When I arrived in the morning, my friend said that the machine was changed for ZRX Touring, so I went to see it. .
? ? ? ? Certainly ZRX, right? ? ? ?
Yeah yeah~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
I have to admit that I have come this far. . . ZRX1300


Now switch your mind and go to Ehime Dunlop.
This course is also very difficult.
Since the course width of the two-wheeled park is narrow, it is necessary to pass through the limit with the tires in full bank.
It’s my first run of the year, but I can’t get enough of this last-minute feeling.


I fell in the 1st heat, so maybe I protected myself a little?
Still, I was able to finish the Ehime Dunlop Cup in 2nd overall and 1st in the SB class.
After all gymkhana is a big bike ~~
It felt good.


Whenever I go to Ehime, I almost always go on a touring with Mr. Uraike, the representative.
Let’s do ZRX Touring this time! By saying, 5 people have been UFO line touring.
Actually, the last time I went by Hunter Cub, the weather was bad and I couldn’t see the superb view, so this time I got revenge.


This time we were blessed with fine weather and enjoyed the best scenery and the best mountain pass.


IMG_3598.jpeg IMG_3605.jpeg IMG_3582.jpeg IMG_3568.jpeg IMG_3591.jpeg IMG_3616.JPG
After the touring, we moved to Toyo Port by four wheels to catch the 10 o’clock ferry.


Arrived at Osaka Nanko at 6:00. .
I participated in the one-day school held at Tsukinowa Driving School in Otsu, Shiga Prefecture.
Since you have a ZRX with you, you probably want to run with Mr. Uno. .
By saying, ZRX is starting for 4 consecutive days. .
I’m tired, so should I run a little? I thought, but it was fun running with hot Uno-san and I ran a lot.
In ZRX, I also tried figure 8 GP for the first time in a long time. .
I think the last time I did it was in the 1100 era, when I planned my own figure eight GP.
I ran a few times this time, and the best was 26.6. . As expected, if you squeeze it to the limit, it won’t bend with the weight of the ZRX~


This is the end of this Ehime expedition. .
On the last day, I came back in the rain. . The weather was perfect when we were on the bike, so we were lucky and it was a great trip.


Thank you all for your help.


2 thoughts on “2022 Ehime Dunlop Cup expedition

  1. Дмитрий Мак says:

    26.6 素晴らしい結果!!!作田さんがGP8で使っていたタイヤは?何の圧力?どうもありがとう!

    • jansamurai says:

      タイヤは ピレリ ディアブロ スーパーコルサ
      空気圧は フロント 2.2 リア 2.0

      Thank you.
      The tires are Pirelli Diablo Super Corsa
      Air pressure front 2.2 rear 2.0

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