③ Catalonia Cup Day 3, Sunday

-Catalonia Cup Day 3, Sunday-

Today it’s Catalonia Cup Tournament day.

9:00 a.m. Gathering at the venue

Both management and the competitors are working together in preparing the course.
In Japanese tournaments, management and competitors are 2 separate entities, but here the competitors are also involved in arranging the competition.

Therefore, in order to maintain equality the course is only unveiled to everyone on the morning of the event.
Its a fine balance.

It was very cold this morning, -2℃, and there was frost on the ground, and also people bikes!

Hope it gets warmer by the time we start… 😀

After the riders’ meeting, the course walk will begin.
This is the course for this year’s competition.


The course walk atmosphere was something I was quite familiar with from Japan, and must be an international thing. Some people are completely focused have shut out all external communication, and others are relaxed and conversing with others.
The course looks quite challenging and seems to be fun to run through. This is going to be exciting.

Although I’m not sure if it will be advantageous for the 125cc I’m riding… guess I’ll have to find out.

The starting order of the participants are from the highest number to the youngest. So starting from #68 up to #1.

The first heat will be in the morning
The second heat in the afternoon.

This is exactly the same as they have in Japan.

Although this time, only the red group ended up starting the first heat from the afternoon due to delays in the morning.

Heat 1

Video of my first run

And this is the Video of Richard van Schouwenburg, the fastest guy in Heat 1

He is the best bet to win this year judging from previous year results. His driving is very sharp. Everyone was focused on how he’ll perform.
This was his first run of the season after switching from a CBR600RR to a Husqvarna 510 this year.

Heat 2

Before you know it, its time to start the second heat…!

Video of my second run

my on-board camera (First heat the camera angle was not useable LOL)

I was able to shorten my time from the first heat, but there were a few things I regretted…  For example I turned in the opposite direction from my plan in the free turn, and also made a different move in the Line crossing section than I had planned.
However, I didn’t fall over nor do any penalties so overall I was satisfied with my performance.

Video of Richard van Schouwenburg, the top time runner in Heat 1, driving in his second Heat

The engine stalled in the middle of the race! And the crowd cheered with joy.

Ondrej Kroupa from Czech Republic sets the fastest time in the second heat!

However, after this, he revved his engine in close proximity to the measurement tent, which started a discussion as to whether or not he should be disqualified on grounds of disorderly conduct.
After a lengthy discussion by the organizers, it was decided that he should be penalized with an additional 1 second penalty. Due to this judgement his placement dropped to 2nd place.

First place went to Martijn Stapelbroek of Team Netherlands.

The Winner Martijn Stapelbroek’s Second heat run


At any rate, the competition has now come to a successful end.

The organizer, Jonathan Arias, is also in a relaxed mode. He is also a competitor. He came in 5th place.

The award ceremony was gorgeous and the trophies huge!

In Japan they only use water, but here they use actual champagne!

Marie Geerlings, who compeated in Japan in 2022, was the winner of the ladies division!

The results were as follows.

I ranked into 12th place overall.
Hmmm…? Wait a sec.. if I had been in the blue group this time.. Oh well. it’s not like I’m going to mention that or anything.
I’m actually quite happy to have achieved a result of under 110%.
Congratulations to all the winners this time. (^^)

Also thanks to the CBR125R for its hard work.

Tomorrow is another bonus practice day! I’m looking forward.
Have already planned that I will be borrowing other riders’ bikes all day.
Going to be fun!

More on Day 4, the Catalunya Cup Bonus Practice Day! (Click here to go to the next article!)




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