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On the last touring, the side and the center already had a slip sign completely, the rear tire, I went to the pass where there was a little wet road with such tires.
Absolutely falling is Ikenai! ! How stable you can run fast on the pass!
In the case of DRZ, there is no big collapse from the margin of the undercarriage, but intense emblem and intense torque at the beginning of opening the accelerator will easily try to slip the rear tire.
When entering from the braking The sliding of the rear tire at the time of entering with the front as the axis is kept to the necessary minimum. If you slide it a lot here, it is over.
It is changing the initial direction which used the slide from the bank at any moment while suppressing the amount of sliding of the rear tire with less bank angle than usual.
As it is raised, as soon as the accelerator is on, this is also a rise with more slide than anytime.
It suppresses the suspension stroke more than necessary and runs in the direction in which the traction of the tire also stabilizes.
· · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · I wrote the movement of the imaginary machine with the desired observation ^ ^;
The person himself is afraid so can not be laid down ,,, It is only a slide that is scary scary running and can not be seen even by looking ~ ^ ^;
Well this is the machine movement I want!
By the way, since the muffler "Q2" arrived last night, I think that I will go running around tonight as well.
I will decrease more and more (: _;)
Nakai practice meeting that seems to be running on a rear tire without grooves at all … It is a bit scary. .

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