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I was disappointed ,,, Peeling.
Although we will show off at the next competition, we can not fail to see examples of gymkhana
I removed the cowl.
There are various reasons, but I removed it anyway.
I will challenge the tournament by braceing with a little while.
That is it ~ It is good as a result!
I shortened it by 1 second with a course of about 45 seconds.
Is the weight balance well prepared? I thought of various reasons
It became easier to run at a stroke.
I wish I had done it sooner if I could cut down on time as much as this ~
I was honest with you ^ ^;
Well, at a tournament you will not get used to it, in an unfamiliar setting
I know that there are no results
It is true that my dream has spread in the future.
"This time I have never played a course slalom in this state ^ ^;"

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