How can you manipulate it? CB 1300

CB 1300 SF bought in April this year.
Big heavy and big torque of 1300!
I want to control gymkhana freely by controlling it!
This is a big bike gymkana (^ ^) v


So, how can you run well and fast?

By manipulating it like a small motorcycle, it is still the size and
The weight becomes painful.

There is not on a small bike, if it is a big motorcycle, utilize the advantages
Running is important.

1 Weight "Make the most of the load that takes longer without impossible impossible!"
With a light motorcycle riders must positively place loads
In machines that will not exceed 200 kg
With the weight alone, the load is applied arbitrarily, using that
By constantly applying a stable load, the turning force is stabilized and the average turning force is set to

2 Big torque from the low speed "Control the machine freely by placing the motorcycle in the hand with accelerator control"
Since the motorcycle of this hand has torque from an extremely low speed, it uses that torque to turn it into force to wake the machine!
By using the big torque from the start of accelerator opening, with light slide control raising the machine
Maintain swivelability after acceleration at a high level.


Ultimately, make the best use of the power and weight of the machine and run it!
And move to keep the position of the body that can make the most of it.
It is fun to play gymkhana because there are many difficulties to control!

Most people would have had it before starting gymkhana
I want to be a rider who can manipulate big bike freely.
Why do not you dream such a dream again?

I chasing that dream …


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