If … … butterfly (^ _ ^;)

If I get on the NSR, what kind of time can I run?
If … if … I've been thinking for a long time but at last it did not come true ~ (^ _ ^;)
No, I did not get on, I guess it might have escaped without riding.
Whatever you think, you will not be able to run beyond the current NSR ride,
It may have escaped with a machine that seems to be a minute because it knows it.
But even though I thought of myself, I ride on NSR I ride on ZRX I am better balanced and good from cool. I was sweet to myself (^ _ ^;)

We also have a DRZ that puts you in a position of grace at any moment but I do not know if it will come in. . Because pass & touring is the main thing too (^ _ ^;) ……

Oh ~ ~ ~ I'm a bad guy> I (^ _ ^;)


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