Image training

In recent sports it has come to be said that the mental aspect occupies a very large weight! I think that the mental part such as image training is important, especially in the game called gymkana. People think that the way of image training is different, but I write a little of my way.
? Walk one course slowly while watching the course diagram course.
? The second lap walks while thinking about taking a line so as not to see the course diagram as much as possible "Look only when it does not understand"
? From the third lap I think while thinking of taking a line while walking while checking bad places on the road
* When walking on the course, walking while reviewing the course up to that straight in the head

Completion of complete walking
Importance from here is important! !
? After returning to the motorcycle, start image training in the head.
I actually run from the start to the goal actually
I will attack the time with a feeling. Naturally also the line pickup and the situation of bad roads
While drawing with your head! ! Then attack with a stopwatch!
I do image training so I repeat until I lost my hesitation at all in my head.
Slightly even ~ っ? You do not seem to think that! !
When it becomes perfectly run, I repeat from time to time not to disturb the image.
And again on the brink of running performance! Can you run perfectly with this?

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