Wet riding

Tomorrow is the second race of Dunlop!
The current weather forecast says that the weather will recover in the morning and that in the afternoon it will be sunny, but as soon as six o'clock in the morning go up and run out I want you to be nearly dry ~ ~

Well, it is about how to capture the wet, as it is supposed to be a divine dependence on the weather.
Let's first consider the wet due to machine differences.
The top machine that is set up to cut time is naturally set up dry, and the suspension that matches the dry grip is hard in wet, in a direction that is easy to lose grip
It is getting. This tendency becomes stronger as cars with more weight and power are used.
Naturally the power of the litter bike will easily lose grip on wet.
You ought to see the competition after understanding the neighborhood.
I can not push the machine which impossible impossible no matter who rides.

So how much we can accommodate the machine you have now!
Originally, wear tires with high wet performance, spring back and forth soft,
Final is long. If this could be done it could definitely cut into the top …
But in fact Jimukana does not do anyone. "There is no one doing anything setting wet" ~
So how can you set up easily when wet? .
Raise the air pressure 0.1 to 0.2 in the tire.
The damper will also cool down and become hard so loosen a little.
Loose the preload before and after unless you are afraid of changing the body posture.
This area will be the limit.
In my case tire air is raised to the standard or 0.1 kg.
Change the damper looking at the situation
Puri basically does not touch. "If you do, you lower the rear slightly"
Later cheat on riding · · · This is mostly ~ ~

How about riding?
Do not push yourself first! Impossible is impossible in wet!
To ride so as not to give the tire steep energy smoothly.
This is important. Relax by unleashing your shoulder!
Will it be exhausted to this?
There is no fine technology … anyway, politely quickly! Wake up the machine and accelerator on?

Well, let's have fun tomorrow so that there are no injuries (^ _ ^) v

The performance of the tire is the first in wet! Next, the wet performance of the machine is high! And things that you can carefully ride accurately!
In the case of gymkaa Rain tires are not permitted and it is currently the case that we have to run with dry tires even if wet. Of course it is luck whether the tire wearing at that time is suitable for wet ~
The next machine, the machine adapted to dry grip is hard on the tire that got down, and the balance of the tire and suspension collapses extremely.
So surprisingly normal machines are strong against the rain.
Also heavy machine


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