Engine tuning report

My DRZ, as engine tuning advanced, as a public road specification, "on my machine"
I have messed with it as never before.
* JE Piston 434 cc "WPC processing on cylinder, piston, piston pin, piston ring"
* Cam to HOTCAMS stage 1
Head-porting head for Marukawa Racing
* Cab is processed TMR41 φ cleaner box
* Ignition system AS Wutani kit
* The muffler eventually had the best balance of volume and power Power core Q2
Instead of a heavy cell also equipped with a kick

Originally if the balance of the crank is taken according to the piston more engine will be smooth
I guess it is supposed to be, but as this time I like it …
Thanks to the super high cam! Although it is a little thin though the extremely low speed
Low middle speed earned with displacement and high rotation growth earned by cam gave the best potential at the pass
I succeeded in drawing it out! Acceleration of rise is rich enough not to fail in liter
I'm doing it, so I do not have any further growth (^ ^ ♪
And what I am surprised at this time is to say that fuel economy is growing regardless of town, pass through!
If I ran slowly I ran 27 km / L, and even this touring which I ran at full speed with pass
I ran as much as 23.6 km / L! From the time of the normal, than when the racer cam was inserted
It surely improves fuel economy. Strange···
If you had a friend ride in front of you
"It sounds like you are on a liter bike!"
I think that it has become possible to avoid wasteful accelerator because there is torque to be told.
The 434 cc single engine which gained a margin in a light body and a punch from medium speed and a high rotation elongation became the best adult toy (^ ^ ♪
My special bike is cute as anything else ~
Yoshimura's "Engine that did not break even though I tried to break! Durability is outstanding."
Believe in the words, I got a motorcycle that I can associate for a long time (^ ^ ♪


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