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This time, change the piston to JE piston, cam to HOTCAMS and change the valve
I changed the seat. The angle can be changed freely by saying cams outside the company
Although it is a type, the first setting was in a state that it was advanced considerably
The shape of the piston and the valve has come out in front by changing the valve seat
Under the condition of overlapping, it turned out that the valve hit the piston though it was a little.
Is it OK if I change the angle of the cam? I also think that when coming here
In the state where there is nothing gauge, since the assembly is severe, I asked for assembly to the interval.
I will bring it over tonight.
When I miss this weekend, next week is to say Dunlop and it is because touring started in April.
When you do not go well at all it is like this (: _;)
I wonder if I will run the silver wing inspection tomorrow,


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