SSB bumper for Kawasaki ZX10R

This time I made the SSB bumper of KAWASAKI ZX 10R "06 model".

Along the production ZX 10 aluminum engine hanger "type that can be removed"
Worried about whether to use or not
I made it type to use after all.

As a reason
1 Judge that it will have sufficient durability if falls like Gymkhana

2 If an overturning occurs, the aluminum engine hanger absorbs energy
I judged that it would minimize the damage of the frame and the engine.

For these two reasons I decided to install using an engine hanger.
By making that judgment it is now possible to wear bumpers to ideal positions.



And the customary falling test demonstrated the performance effectively with the rear slider.


And this time we made the frame mount of the cowl!
I do not want to put unnecessary weight on the steering for handling too!
However, when the cowl is attached to a position far from the steering wheel, it is bad (^^ ゞ
In order to solve both of them as much as possible,
I tried to install it.


How is it?

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