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I went to the morning yesterday. Various corners to approach one after another
Run through while responding to the ever-changing track condition.
It was the most pleasant time.
With the story at the return tea seat, I can read the situation of the pass somehow
If you were talking, from one person "To say Kan is the experience value of that person", from various experiences
Call up the information and it will appear in the form of Kang! I asked.
Surely the environment I live in is like living in the pass (^ _ ^;)
And I do not get tired of running for 16 to 43 years old for a long time running around like everyday.
On the contrary, if you go anywhere you have to go through the pass (-_-;)
Experience value running through the pass may be quite large · · ·
Running along the mountain, you can see the shape of the mountain, the color of the road, the situation of the mountains, etc
Somehow I can understand that line removal and sand is going out.
I wonder if I can not tell everyone why I made this long time?
I am just thinking about now.

I went to morning in Kan yesterday. It runs while responding to the road surface situation that changes every corner of the next one after another from moment to moment. It was the most pleasant time. Talking about returning tea seats, if I was talking that I could read the situation of the pass somehow, from one person "Kan is the experience value of that person", inviting information from various experiences to call It appears in the form of saying! I asked. Certainly the environment where I live is like living in a pass (^ _ ^;) And I run around like everyday without getting bored for a long time of 16 to 43 years old. On the contrary, what …http://zrx-drz.at.webry.info/200604/article_12.html

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