Garage remodeling plan

As the maintenance of the machine came down, we decided to refurbish the garage which was cluttered this time
I thought, I started working.
First of all, in order to pay extra parts etc, we put a store on the nearest DIY shop.
Various from the same size even from cheap to expensive, the price is also nearly double the price is not it ~
But when talking with people in the shop, durability seems to be different than price!
I made up my mind to decide to put it in a cabinet of Inaba.
Is it enough to put parts with a size called 1940 x 750 x 1650 in terms of size?
The installation will be on 13th next week.

Next in the garage there was a ring closure of concrete originally, which was terribly disturbing.
So take a ring closure and buy a raw comp to fill the hole you took.
Next, I bought a garage concrete paint by saying that I want to paint the floor!

The work progressed smoothly, removal of the ring closure, filling in the concrete.
And we are going to paint one side.
If a storeroom gets delivered, we can arrange the garage's luggage and will it become usable a little wider?

I always have beer on the garage and watch the machine while wearing it! This is also delicious again ~
Leisure people please come and visit ~

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