Kick starter 2

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I think that looking at kicking motorcycle engine is cool. In the middle of touring, the clothes finish, the car goes over to the motorcycle and starts the engine with the kick and runs away … There are memories of seeing such CM.

Higashi Haruhira
2006/04/20 01:12

I thought that it was a good moment when I got kicked for a while soon. Actually I'm playing with KSR 2, but the kick that put on my weight is different (^ ^ ♪ Although I have a cell I bother to kick it!

2006/04/20 08: 11

I was longing for S. McQueen of the movie "Great Escape" and Richard Gya of "Love and youth and departure" kicking Triumph's engine.
So, I got a TIGER 650 made in 1971, but there were times when the cab got sick and could not kick fifty times.
The current motorcycle is not as heavy as the triangle, but the feeling of the moment when the engine starts burning by concentrating and depressing the air, there is nothing to say.

2006/04/20 10:20

I think I will put a kick starter on my dr – z 400s this time. Would you please let me know if there are places to install or carefully install the installation?

2016/01/06 21: 07

Mr. Yoshioka <When kicking in, kick is convenient!
However, as it is 10 years ago, it is flying out of memory except for the points to be careful of above (^ ^;)
I'm sorry.
However, since there was no big problem in installation, I think that there is no problem if assembling properly in order and assembling in order.

2016/01/07 08: 29

thank you for your comment.

That's right! I was sorry to ask you a question!
By the way how did you collect the parts?
I do not know how to collect the parts …
The set is sold to overseas ebey, but it costs 30000 yen.
If you could tell me how much gathered in …
Sorry I've heard a lot of things.
I am interested … We are waiting for your reply.

2016/01/08 19: 50

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