Cab setting and break-in

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I brought DRZ to the practice group and accustomed it.
I ran around 300 km outside and did not have any strange resistance feeling, so I came to practice at this practice session! I would like to shift to full-open driving after exchanging oil today.
If it is this feeling, it will receive a feeling that exhaust gas can not catch up as the intake air increases.
I'm a bit noisy but I should exchange it for FMF FM 4 with car inspection OK!
Cab setting also seemed okay as we saw a general direction!
Main 170 # Pilot 45 # Idling also stable with 1/4 turn with screw 2!
Burning of the plug is also OK! I think that I will run around the peak happily afterwards (^ _ ^) v
Occasionally I will bring it to Gymkhana …
This year, competitions other than D will be on DRZ! At that time the tires are also good to wear
Fun grimily (^ _ ^) v

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