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Cab setting is really difficult …
Now I made the muffler quiet Leo Vinci and the cleaner box made the hole big.
The cab is TMR's 41 φ and MJ 175 # PJ 27.5 # PS 2.5 Needle 10 E – 52.
In this state, the idling is stable and starts running smoothly from the start, and it accelerates at a stroke from the middle speed and it extends cleanly upwards. But as soon as it opens from about 3000 rpm
I will be stuck for a while · · ·
Is it dark? I thought that if you lower the needle, it will be resolved, but the torque will be drastically reduced.
And the plug is pure white? What?
Sympathy becomes severe if you shake it deeply, thinking that there is the other way around …
It will probably be darker as symptoms become more likely to occur as warm.
What should I do?
As a pilot system is almost good, I thought that it was a problem around a needle and MJ
I bought a needle called E – 53 and F – 53.
To explain the viewpoint of the needle, E or F is the angle of the needle
53 is the thickness of the straight part
Compared to E – 52 E – 53 is a slightly thicker straight diameter and the same angle at the setting!
F – 53 is a setting of thick eyes with thick straight diagonals and dull eyes.
Shake the MJ thinly and make the needle darker, the main as it is
Do you need to adjust with a needle?
It is quite difficult to go with the big engined engine ~

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