Susetting 1

Suspension setting! Briefly posture control! It will be said.

* The front descends when brakes are applied and the rear suspension extends.
* When you open the accelerator, the rear extends and the front also extends. "Most people think that the rear suspension will sink when opening up the accelerator, but in reality it is growing."
* Rear suspension and front suspension sink in cornering.
By controlling the movement of the suspension that comes out with this many riding
Controlling the attitude of the machine is the suspension setting.

The first thing to do is the basic setting.
Adjust the position in the static state when the rider gets on.
It adjusts the amount of subduction caused by rider's weight difference.
But please think twice.
If the suspension sinks in both the front and the rear, the body posture is not the same?
Here one important element is hidden.
If the front and the rear simply sink by the same amount, the body attitude does not change, is it?
But there is one thing that changes only by one! It is the angle of the swing arm.
It is a movement that changes the movement of the machine greatly because this angle is important to the machine.
Therefore, it is necessary to firmly decide the basic stationary dimension.

Let's think about the next machine that is running.
First of all, the braking is a state where the front sinks and the rear is extended before the front descends.
If it goes down too far in front here, the sense of stability of the rear worsens. And it will be difficult to bank.
In the process of entering the cornering from there, the rear suspension
During sinking cornering, it must be in the same balance as in the stationary state.
If the posture is broken here, freedom of cornering will be lost.
And when the accelerator is on, the front is moderately stretched and the rear weight gets firmly on
Being in the body attitude. If it grows too fast, the front will float or it will not bend …
When it is hard to stretch, it will be in a state where it can not be opened wide by pushing under.

While taking such dynamic balance, first said
Make the state where the angle of the swing arm is within the range as much as possible.

In the case of gymkana it is often to cut the handle big.
Turning the handle makes it easier for the machine to wake up and the suspension to grow.
It is a difficult part to take the middle between that and the usual cornering suspension
It is a place that makes suspension setting more difficult and finer.

This time I wrote a basic idea. Will you put in a little bit next time?

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