Susetting 3

Then, what kind of role each organization plays in setting of suspension
Let's think.

? Spring "Preload"
Depending on the strength of the spring, preload change, with the same overload
You can control the moving position and speed.
* When the same rider got on as an example of this usage
If you adjust the car height to the same position with springs with different rates
Because we use preload weakly with strong spring
Compared to what we strongly preload with a weak spring
Weakly above "1 G 'position," quick ", the direction sinking below 1 G' is strong and" late "
Become. You can change the characteristics of various suspensions using this characteristic and vehicle harmonic

Oil level
In contrast to the oil level, it refers to the amount of air, as the suspension sinks
Utilizing the repulsive force of the generated air, the reaction force of the spring + the reaction force of the air
It tries to control the movement of suspension by raising the repulsion force like a 2 o'clock curve.
* You can adjust the maximum sinking position if you change it as much as usage.
Moreover, it is possible to change the sense of grounding with a small amount of change.

? Oil lock piece "damper"
This makes the movement of the oil worse just before the suspension is bottomed
It is a mechanism to try to avoid bottoming.
Because it is necessary to change the shape of the aluminum cylinder in the suspension
In general it is good not to touch. By the way, to Orlands and other luxury Sas
It is not used so much, and the bottom is controlled with a spring or a damper in the back
I have something to do.

? Compression dampers
It is a mechanism that tries to control the movement of suspension by the resistance of oil.

Among them, working in the direction in which the suspension contracts is slower if you make it stronger on the compression side
Loosening makes movement faster. However, in actual driving the influence of the road surface
The pressure side also affects the elongation side as it is received.
* Basically it is used as an aid for spring
Recently there are many suspensions whose adjustments are divided into low speed and high speed.
In that case slow speed will affect handling
Please think that high speed affects absorption such as gap.

? Extension side damper
Like the compression side, it is controlled by oil resistance.
It will be late if you loosen it, and it will be late if you strengthen it.
Although it is a mechanism to control elongation like character, this also
Because it is affected by the road surface it will also work on the compression side.
* It is effective against the reaction force of the spring
Changing is necessary as the spring becomes strong.
Moreover, since it is mainly on the low speed side that can be changed from outside
When adjusting the high speed side, you need to disassemble OH and adjust the inside shim.

? Extrusion amount
It is the value of the distance of the forktop that comes out from the top bridge.
This can adjust the height of the head when the fork has expanded.
As the height of the head decreases, the roll axis goes down and the steering angle is attached
It tends to lose its sharpness.

Using these various mechanisms to control the speed of the front and back
I will go.


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