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I will begin preparing for this season in earnest in about March.
First of all I decided to put out for overhaul of rear suspension.
It is okay to do it myself, but since tools and parts do not enter, it can be trusted
I will put it out to the shop.
The place I am presenting is a shop recommended at a shop called interval.
"The owner of this shop is a man sometimes appearing at the Bikers Station
It is a person I love to talk about. "
If you do OH here, it becomes a suspension of supple and smooth movement.
My ZRX has also been lay down, and the smoothness of the movement of the rear suspension is
It is requested! It is a must-have shop for my running! !
We also upgraded the movements of the front suspension this time and the OH in the rear suspension was also over
Compared to the 05 specification if you use 209 GP which had been allowed to enter the store after the last season was over
I think that it will considerably increase the potential. I am looking forward to this year.
It seems that the story only here and the D Cup have almost been decided.
The location is Okugawa ,,
I hope this year I will be able to run so that I can warm up more than last year ~

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