Suspension setting 2

This time I will write about things I would like to remember before playing with suspensions.
Most people are hard or soft and express the suspension, right?
This is an expression that considers riding comfort such as touring!
But let's say from here the point of sports riding say expressions & late, strong & weak!
So why use expressions such as early & late, strong & weak
Basically you have to think about the weight of the car + the weight of the rider
And the energy generated by the machine is the suspension
It is passed on to the tire in a form pinched between them.
Basically the suspension made of spring is moving
It does not convey 100%, and its energy is the speed at which suspension is moving
It has a big influence.
Finally the suspension is called a bottom with a sudden shock
As for not being transmitted, the rear suspension is link ratio, the front suspension is
The air spring rises and the suspension converges.
And when we converge we get the maximum energy.
It is up to you to change how it changes until it reaches its maximum
It is a suspension setting translation.

Then when the suspension sinks, when giving the same energy
Let's compare when strong reaction force is strong and less case.
? When the reaction force is strong
Sinking speed slows down
Energy applied to the tire becomes large.
? When the reaction force is weak
Sinking speed will be faster
The energy applied to the tire is weak.
How this energy is transmitted and time to get maximum
Greatly influences the timing of handling and machine turning
I will translate it.
When you write like this, from the expression hard and soft
Do not you think that early & late, strong & weak are more?

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