Sunmeadows practice session

Sanmedo practice session! The weather is good too! Let’s also go touring with the Honda CB 750 (^ ^ ♪

Departing Ome at 4:30am!
I ran the mountain pass quickly, I went to Okuri ~ Yamabogi Pass ~ Chichibu, it was much colder than I thought…
I didn’t have that light clothes on, but it was very cold.
When you look at the thermometer, on the road it’s 8 ℃
It must be this winter specification.
Normally I go on touring with my NC 750 so I do not feel this cold.
It is really cold that there is no cowling in front of me. . . I found that out at least.

I came up to Uenohara and I can not take it anymore and deal with it so I had to cope by wearing my rain gear, but the temperature has fallen further and it is around 6 degrees.
No, thank you. (-_-;)

But with such temperature the view was good at least!


Yatsugatake that appeared right in front of the way of the road!

And this scenery when going out to Nobeyama.


It is a majestic view like you think that you are coming to touring in Hokkaido.
I feel comfortable ~ I want to drink coffee ~~~~~ I love to drink coffee ~~~~
But it is Sun Meadows 8 o’clock set.
I will abandon and head for San Meadows.

Nobody will notice it when I go with CB 750 ~
As I was excited a bit like a first time rider as I entered the venue (^ ^ ♪

However, I was easily spotted even before taking off my helmet (^ – ^;

Today I borrowed from Pylon ‘s transportation vehicle area .


And then,,, let’s go! it is the start of the practice session.
Another goal today was to know about how much of a pace I can achieve from a Honda CB750 + touring tires.
With this I can run out today also practicing a new riding technique. .

I ran alone quietly….

Then you will be pleased to be pleased, come to know, face you know, face, face

This is rude unless you run hard! I ran and I worked hard. .

Was I able to run to such a degree as not get in the way?

Next time challenge to time attack! Best time is 1 minute 30 seconds 6 ,,

I do not know what to do, but as long as you see the time of others, is it so?

Delicious meal is also one of the fun of SANME! I got a full stomach and I ran into the afternoon with my goal of completing a new riding.

CB So OK? I was able to spend a fulfilling day by running a beginner time attack course as well.

I should go with CB 750 when I go next time ~

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