She processed it!

I decided to participate in the Husqvarna SM 250 and overcome my gymka potential
I have to raise it!
Because Big bike is good! Because I am going to say I'm riding a super light machine
The purpose of winning this machine selection is to win!
But it's fun to run this machine (^ ^)

In order to raise the gymkhana potential by saying, we tried this sheet processing.

Even at the time of DRZ, although it is sheet processing that is carried out in all vehicles
This Husqvarna is also an exception and sheet processing is carried out.
But with less processing than usual, is it called the normal ratio 40 mm down?
Even genuine 35mm down says that there is something, so it seems you are using it even in the race
Is it a level saying that there is also a motard?


By doing this, we are planning to improve rear load, improve control of rear, and suppress pitching.
On the contrary, there is a fear that the front load can not be applied easily, so this machine which is super lightweight
I stopped dropping the seat height to the limit.

Test to Sunday's office work tea ceremony cup to the extent that it can be won by Dunlop second race
I hope I can raise the potential ~ I think.
Well it is not just a machine, but it is not good if the rider does not get a lot more potential (^ ^)

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