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I think that it is the strongest game in a certain sense to think.
How many people do not have fear of competing for speed in the world of 150 km or more in the world?
Perhaps I think that it is less than 10%. In a sense it is an unreal world.
And because it fights around the same course, it is a bit different from running on a case-by-case basis.
On the other hand, in the world of speeds commonly experienced by all the drivers and riders of the world
The contest competition is gymkhana! And the course which is different each time and can not loop
It is required flexibility! It is a very real world competition!
Jimukana rider who runs in such a world is the strongest? I think.
What I think running with so many GP riders so far is terrible! But …
If you compete by connecting various passages and the streets, it seems that gymkhana rider will be number one. Perhaps this is no doubt … … is it the strongest? (^ _ ^;)
And if you cultivate technology to enjoy motorcycles on public roads it is definitely the strongest! ! !

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