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Gymkhana is a very fun game, it is also a difficult game.
But there is no problem.
The gymkarna competition has a part where the speed of turning back and the screwing with power can lead to speed.
Even if I actually look at the seed player, I feel that there are many riders who are going to run down with smoothness of turning back and running anything. In other words, there are not many riders who lose politeness by doing gymkhana.
It is due to the evolution of tires and machines in many places and I think that prioritizing turnover leads to speed because it can be rough as the tire grips no matter what kind of run.
But then ultimately the limit will come.
No matter how much you wear a high grip, the grip level will eventually change with the rider's arms
Efficiency will change even in fast turnover!
I myself was rough in the past and I am not running as I am satisfied even now.
However, to the people of the world, the gymkaa riding is cool! It is said that
I want to aim for running and I want the whole gymkana too!
Riding of gymkana in a certain magazine is this! It was said that the horrible riding called
I do not want to see such an article anymore, I want to eliminate such prejudice! Do not you think so?
I wrote this blog out of such feelings.

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