The reason I started gymkhana.

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That was around 26 years old, already 10 years passed since I got a license and passed a limited release at once, full of confidence
It was! In those days Solo Touring to Hakuba. It is when I passed through Shinonosawa Pass in Gumma Prefecture on the way home.
With one curved line that I entered without considering anything, the traction of the rear truck slipped out as it was …
Confidence so far broke down easily easily · ·
After returning, this is useless! Let's practice! ! ! "Yes, this was the first step in the way to Gymkhana"
I found out there and found it Trykana!
Book quickly and practice! "In fact, what I was thinking about right now is that of Gymkhana
It was my seniors. "
It was too monotonous and boring that the first time I ran running somehow meets the highest standard
Because I want to go to the next step, Trikana passes three times.
Is there any place to practice something at a nearby Honda dealer? And asked, in the glass window
Advertisement of sports riding school! ! If you tell the shop owner if you want to go to this
Why do not you make it an HMS school that is open at a shop called Mountain ○?
To be said to Okegawa as it is said. . . I join the school while throbbing.
Moreover, it was thoroughly dragged with an intense school. "It was the second opportunity to meet this mountain ○ HMS of special"
There, I got acquainted with Mr. Suzu who is now the top of Honda's intra! With him he is not at school
I competed and trained.
About 2 years passed by that, I knew that I was doing the same thing as a competition and with my friend
I entered Kawasaki 's gymkana at that time.
It was the first competition I went with confidence. .
The result was a general losing 14th ranking … · · · From that point it was the beginning of full-fledged gymkhana life.
I feel that I met my very exciting people in various situations when I think now, leading me myself ~

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