Gymkhana Late Life

I've written it many times, but I am already 51 years old.
I want to make a top battle once again as I reach 50 years old! With such thought for the past few years with a light car
I had a challenge.
I was able to run with No. 3 number this year and now I am in season 4th overall in the current season as well.


Still more going! In a space where you realize the physical ability you are definitely falling down
It was everyday worrying about future Jimukana life.

Top battle! It sounds very good, but you can easily imagine what it is not possible to do for years to come.

I decided to return to my big basque bike gymkhana just because I left my abilities.


I am planning to make a full entry with ZRX 1200 for both the Dunlop Cup JAGE Cup next season.

Being a biker bike is a machine that will shine yourself as usual, by riding a light car
We were able to feel more realistic, and in this situation the heavy car was very low in the advanced class
Run heavy cars again and manipulate the big machine which is the origin of gymkana freely!
I wish I could send it to the riders in the world! I think that way.

Well Well, if the physical strength is dropped and the weight car is said to be useless, it may change to a slightly lighter machine (^ _ ^;)

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