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Say step-weighted stepwork or various step-by-step workshops and practice sessions
I think that there are things to hear words.
But I feel that quite a few people are falling down in the pitfalls of that word.
Take the step well! ! I hear it! That step! ! That is the source of the mistake.
Naturally you are stepping on to step off as you step down! What do you think will happen if you step on inner foot weight? A reaction force arises and the body goes outside! If it is a lean-out it is fine
In lean wise, I think that it is better to say that you can put on weight or put on more than stepping on.
Tell the step from the waist up! That is to say.
So what about the outer legs? This is stepping on as it is! ! But in this case it is not weight!
It is used to stabilize the body and body.
So how do you use it on my own?
Basically, when you can attack you always stepping a little on both feet.
From there we move weight and put weight on the edge of the sheet and at the same time
Also move weight to the inner step and put more weight, from there we load the seat and step on the outer step. And as soon as you accelerate, press on the seat at a stroke while stepping on both feet.
In fast movements such as turning, I move the upper body by stepping on the step to move the body to the left and right.
Do not tread too! I mean (^ _ ^;)

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