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I ran into the MJ Cup round 4, variously under test DRZ.
The result was different from what I expected, the machine did not move forward, the time was not good.
In order to erase the negative part of my machine where the suspension is long this time and the roll axis is high this time
I tried ranging the seat height extremely.
Naturally I lowered the handle, adjusted the position, I was planning to go with the suspension setting accordingly.
This specification of this time! It is stable at places where speed is on, less pitting
It was supposed to be what I thought!
But one big mistake. .
It was extremely bad at the front desk when turning speed.
It is necessary to deepen the bank angle of the motorcycle to cover this
To do that, the risk was large due to the reason such as a half clutch and it was not usable.
Based on the result of this time again I tried changing some settings yesterday thought some improvements.
It is change of position and setting change of front suspension.
For the moment I just tried bridging, but the feeling that it is transmitted is a good feeling!
Well I guess it might be the best after changing the setting anytime (^ _ ^;)
The goal is to the last! I thought that it was a foundation for making the best machine
I will do my best right now!
Duncal practice meeting this weekend! And next week we can still have plenty of tests with Summerland!

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