Time competition and longing, and insistence

Gymkhana is a time competition.
Naturally, it is natural to choose a machine that will give you time.

However, many riders freely choose a machine when starting gymkhana
I suppose I had a dream that I wanted to be able to handle it.
It is cool if it can manipulate the big bike lightly too ~ (^ ^)
I was the same!
I am cool if I can run with a technician trained with gymkaa on a public road
I was holding such a dream.

But regulation that only time divides classes!
Machine is a game of heterogeneous fighting sports.

I want to win if I do so! I want to get a good time!
Under the desire to say, I change to a machine with nature and time.
Idling raised to an unlikely place · · ·
Well I guess it's because it's the way I walked, but … well …

I feel a bit lonely. .

A little more, as long as the person who can have a long life and insistence gymkhana life can live alone
From now on I will try my best to convey the charm of another gymkana, mainly on ZRX.



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