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Yesterday, I've been testing Dunlop's α10 and Bridgestone 002 street.
In this tire test I got to realize the evolution of tires for general public roads.
Alpha 10 was also a good tire with sufficient performance at the public road level.
However, the 002 street we tested together is a street tire I've ever experienced
It was a high-performance tire that could be declared the strongest!
Handling, grip level, swiveling ability, which are very high performance
The time that we got out of time attacked was about half the time I gave at 209 GP.
Still there is no fault.
Especially the grip resilience when I started sliding with low load was one more.
Naturally it will be to use 002 Pro at the competition, even at 002 street
I realized that I have the potential enough to compete!
If the life is long with this … … it is amazing!


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