Tire change

Last night I tried to exchange CB tires and sprockets.
Tire is Dunlop α11! It is Dunlop's newest city ride tire
The sprocket is 41 Sunstar! "Normal is 39 dogs"
I wanted to position the axle a little while ago
I felt that the balance between engine rotation and torque was bad
I tried two shorts.


Changing the sprocket is a little stable-oriented machine as expected
It changed to a machine with a light feeling, like a gymkana
There is no feeling of a cut in a place like cutting a steering wheel
Become a machine facing Japanese pass
The gear ratio also improves the balance between accelerator and acceleration
It became easier to open, is this also a fine pass facing direction (^ – ^)

The tire has firm grip and neutral handling
There is no place to worry so far.
When you run in the pass and the parking lot you are running anytime
Stay stable as if running ZRX
I was able to run at such a pace.
I am not concerned about the size of 1300 already.

For now my goal is to debut some practice sessions in May
It is a debut debut at the office chair tea cup on June 1.


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