I went to the Dunlop Cup Ehime contest.

I went to the Ehime convention which I wanted to go but I wanted to go but I could not go.

This time it was supposed to go with Mr. Terada by two people so we changed driving every two hours
I aimed for Ehime, arrived in the vicinity of Osaka in the morning, as originally scheduled
Although I was a little touring for sightseeing, I aimed for "Shimanami Kaido".
"It's easy to run with two people, is not it ~?"

Pass through Onomichi, get through Oshima and arrive at Oshima.
Previously I went with my wife, but I wanted to have a great view and algae salt ice.

And we arrived at Kamotsuyama Observatory!


Good scenery, are not you! You can see the Shimanami Kaido (^ – ^)

And Ice Salt I sell only sold here!


This is delicious! I'm glad I came – (^ – ^)

And it is finally in Ehime!
I'd like to see Ehime 2 wheel park, the first course to go
I wanted to run as soon as I got it, I tried running.
I did not confirm the course with reference to the video I saw before departure (^ – ^)
The line is as strict as expected, Can the tournament run well? What?

I will finish the practice and head for the delicious shop in Matsuyama once I get to the inn!
I heard local people, fish fishnet net book! "Izakana" and write "Ikaya" It looks pretty delicious! !


There are large tanks in the shop and a lot of fish are swimming!
And I'm selling boards one by one.
The atmosphere of the shop is very open! Ok nice


Naturally the food is delicious and I want to go again.

And the next day, the competition is real.

I intended to have gone a little early, but already the course has already been done
Everyone is working hard.
I'm sorry~

Even so, it is the best weather without clouds! I wonder if this is also a routine work ~ (^ – ^)


After preparing, the course walk finally!
To be able to image the first course, crank and S letter, all the connections
Seriously more than always! Learn! Learn~~~~~
Lines and points to open and so on, the image is finished!
But suddenly I can not understand it (; _;)

Remember with the spirit
First heat


Time is 1 minute 33 seconds 5!
As for the first course, a good time (^ – ^),
A good image came to me for the 2nd heat eye ~

And second heat
Mr. Ikeura takes out the same 33 second range, and I feel more tense also for myself running next.

1m32sec 2

Was it content that you can feel the car and running that are getting better all at once in the last few weeks?
Thanks to that, I was able to win the overall victory.

It is the winners of each class.


Terada also won the second prize! congratulations.

Since it says to do a mini demonstration after the conference
Borrowing the ZRX 1200 with the SSB as it is boring just with TE 310
We demonstrated a big motorcycle and a motard machine
ZRX 's running was borrowed, so it may have been impossible (^ _ ^;)

The impression of the first Ehime Games is the wonderful atmosphere of the hall and the wonder of the operation ·
It was a fun course, a tournament that I thought was really good to go.

People of the players and people of the staff, thank you very much.
Thank you very much. .


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