Dunlop Cup JAPAN and finished state of GSXS1000

About 2 months after having problems with front suspension from before Dunlop 4 races.
Although I have repeatedly tested and changed a lot, I used an inner rod that is not originally for GSXS 1000
It was a hardship arising from the content to be braided.


I thought that all the problems were solved the day before JAPAN, but I brought it.
A problem also arises again here …
Once the bottom of the inner rod has been solved, it has become a crying situation to say that it will bottom out at the top cap side this time.
In the day before the day I took measures for the bottom with a single day.
As a content, raise the oil level and apply the compression side damper, …, strengthen the extensional damper of the rear. . .
It is a direct opposite direction to raise mobility.

And Dunlop JAPAN the day. . . .
I doubt my eyes ~ The course made on the circuit side is a fine course of mecha, is not a course of freedom of the line (^ ^;)

How can I attack with a machine with no bottom, if it is impossible to mobilize? What? What?

Since I can not help whining, I forgot everything and concentrate only on course capture and ran.

Maybe I can not afford it, I managed to lose sight of the course a couple of times but managed somehow without any difficulty.
Thanks to the good engine here, I can get on the line with the accelerator.
There is no lightness on the machine, but is it feeling that something is going on?

2 Heat was a little bit stronger ~
The more you work with a heavy machine, the more it gets dull.
Time will not grow as much as we do best … was it such a feeling?

Nevertheless I managed to dig into the SB class third place.

After the end of JAPAN, organize the data collected so far and set it up at once
I tried shifting.

As planned the machine improved at once! From here it is not a rider devoured and run
I realize that it is my turn to work hard to trust the machine and run forward.

I hope the last game can attack and go ~

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