Dunlop Gymkhana Round 2

The Dunlop Cup second round was held yesterday.
It began a turbulence to say that we should delay the start by 1 hour with a strong rain accompanied by thunder from the morning.
Still, in the afternoon all were able to run with complete dry and finished safely! It was nice (^ ^ ♪
It felt that the feelings and efforts of all the staff and players were rewarded.
The course of this time is finer in its entirety and it seems like I can not turn straight after straight
Although it was a course, it seems to be a course that does not come with speed assuming rain, so to speak.

The first heat is a road condition where the color of the water remains in some places, but it is almost dry.
Increase your concentration and start! In Slalom it is going forward with a good feeling.
The return turn is also smooth, and the running with a good feeling continues afterwards ,,,,,
Then the staff pops out ,,,,?
It seems to be a start again … · · · For this course, big bike is in the first half
It's a rather physical fitness course so I'm completely breathing … Uh … (: _;)
The one who stands again on the start line is breathtaking, he is out of concentration
The second slalom is already in a bad condition … … I can not run well to the end and I am goal. .
Time is 1'40.881 + 2 = 1`42.881 ,, Is not this losing in a certain B class SB
1 heat eyes SB overall top is B grade, this is bad ^ ^;

While checking the state of the machine and the course again while praying that the weather will take us until the second heat
. Then I noticed a slightly different thing, Rear's preload is a bit crazy ~ ^ ^; Hurry up and change second heat!
The changed suspension was balanced with a good feeling in slalom
While feeling somewhat uncomfortable with the 8 letters before the start and wondering whether to change a bit
I have no time and I just started as a start line.
Pi · Pi · Pi Po · · · · It is start.
Running and attacking makes me feel not to bend a bit, and also that it will not bend even in continuous rotation
Feeling, "As soon as I changed my mind a little, I should have started it!"
I regret and ran away.
The goal time managed somehow without falling is 1'38.221
SB was number one in the 7th overall time.
Because the overall top is 1'35.232, it has been released for 3 seconds (: _;)
The reflection of this time I believed in myself and did not change the setting!
If I changed it probably, I think I could shorten it by 1.5 seconds. . This course was such a course.
It was not good here that you ran running DRZ alone and neglected the setting of ZRX.
I would like to challenge it by putting it in good condition and running a little more ZRX before the next round of the third race.
It is aiming to achieve overall victory. My dream is high!

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