Dunlop new tire

I tested 2 types of new tires recently released from Dunlop.
It is qualifier and 209 GP.
First of all, qualifier is like an excellent sports tire!
In comparison with its 208RR, the grip force will fall by 2 ranks for both wet and dry ~
Although both handling are neutral, RR feels easier to grasp transient characteristics.
Still the potential is so high that it is likely to fall by 1% to 2% on a time basis.
Life seemed to be quite lengthy, so almost none had been reduced in a day's run.
It is a good tire that made it possible to achieve both driving performance and life!
I think that it will be a better feeling for a weak frame machine.
Also I liked the air pressure F 2.0 R 2,0.0.

Next is 209 GP, "It is a comparison with RR"
It seems that sidewall reinforcement was done for 208 to prevent chatter.
Initial tire pressure that the sidewall is reinforced at the beginning tire air pressure around 2.0
I adjusted it, but it is not good anymore. Grip is powerful but does not bend
Especially when it does not get crouched at low speed, the attack easily slips rear when · · · · · · · This is a failure work as reputed? What? What?
No, it feels good, next year may be awful.
So dare to use the same air pressure as RR F2.3 R2.1 together to make the suspension back
Wonder, you can run like RR! ! It might be much better than RR (^ _ ^) v
And the same place as RR is the best even if you put suspensions variously!
So it's been a while since the 8th GP GP time attack! How shrunk by 0.5 seconds! !
There is no groove and the temperature is also one digit. This time blows away the slow anxiety!
this is! ! Maybe good (^ _ ^) v

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