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Ah ~ It's the fourth round while saying that!
We can not say that the machine is still completed, but it is good on your own terms
I finished the machine so far! I feel like I say it (^ ^ ♪
After the end of the 3 rd bout, the feelings I had been exploding have exploded and I searched for GSXR
It's about a month ago ~ Then turn it up handle and set it up
It is one month. . . I used a new set of tires …
Speaking of honesty's feelings now, the A grade podium is not yet able to be …
It will not be that sweet all over the world ^ ^; After finishing Shobobo ~ ~ ~ (: _;) I guess.
But with a good feeling like a machine! It is fun to ride (^ ^ ♪
Where can riders get on after! That would be all.
I got accustomed to the machine at the KSR practice meeting tomorrow, exchanged tires in the second half, peeled off
Finally it is real! It is the fourth game.

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