Dunlop first round

The first race of Dunlop in 2006 was held on the course of Okugawa HMS on 26th March (Sun)!
In the weather without rain concern, the first race held in a different layout at any time.
Naturally I aimed at the top and ran.
The course was able to run exactly with my favorite layout and I felt comfortable.
The first heat was able to run smoothly with almost no mistake and ranked third in class A! Top is a reasonable success within 1 second!

The second heat with modification is exciting about my mind halfway through halfway running.
And at the moment when I entered with a desire for more than any occasion with the rotation that I could run perfectly perfectly
"What? How can I rotate it?" In the novice mode · · ·
I do not know the translation, if I forcibly rotate, after all I fall over ^ ^;
So my 2nd eyes ended … the rest finished solidly and 1 minute 39 seconds 0
I'm doing it for a long time but it's not going to be such a thing … Oh ~ What am I doing (: _;)
It is always depressed for a long time.
This time it was running with the video of Mr. Motohito both heats so it took a fall
It takes about 10 seconds to measure the time! Considering that the pace was dropped after the fall
It is "Tara beba", but it seemed that time came out in the first half of 28 seconds.
It was good because it was able to confirm the potential of the machine and the tire, but it is still a shame ~ ~
Next time I want to dig into the higher rank slightly Ritter bike!

But I regret to blow away when I got home!
The DRZ was completed! I went to pick up my evening & tried running.
It is far more smooth & torqueful than I expected!
I do not turn it, but the power feeling at over 5000 is more than ever!
I am looking forward to it! Today I will take a car inspection and run around ~

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