Dunlop Round 3 and tire problems

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The third race of Dunlop who went.
It was a tournament featuring excitement of Gymkhana in over 180 participants this time.
The course of this time was the setting of the course which was balanced with the rotation 2 spots, the offset slalom in the direct slip, the character 8. It was a very enjoyable course even though I ran ~
I have heard that the temperature is around 28 degrees and the road surface temperature is around 40 degrees Celsius.
The result was SB 2nd place, I think that it is more challenging than it is after a long absence.
That is a front tire.
At around 10 degrees Celsius the balance of the grip force and rigidity of the tire was so rough that the tire running with a good feeling started running beyond the temperature of 20 degrees Celsius and the balance began to collapse and the tires finally collapsed at yesterday's convention.
Perhaps the weight of ZRX + I think that the case of the tire lost to my riding and it collapsed.
Left by about 5? The sidewall, it crashed, the tire which lost damping slipped, and the crack of abrasion came out on the tread.
The front tire image used for Moto Bito 's DVD is my ZRX, but I can see a crushed tire, but please think that that situation is even worse.
Since symptoms appeared in the 1st heat eye, we ran the front preload by raising the tire air pressure in the 2nd heat, but we could not improve the situation.
The situation will worsen as you attack as it is now. Far from trying to improve the rigidity of the front tires somehow, it will be a very dangerous run instead of puncturing time.
If we try to bring out cornering speed comparable to NSR on a machine weighing 230 kg, the tire does not have it …
Since the era is 170kg even for litter machines, sports tires are made to balance around there · · ·
Well, how can I make a better situation including riding in the future?
There are many tasks.

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