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I have experienced the situation that one winning the final race several times will become a champion!
And I've won by winning my strength!
Considering the state of mind at that time, one way of how to do it
I think I will see it so write it.
Anyway, the day prior to the convention, I will arrange the condition and I will arrange the condition of the machine so as not to worry.
In other words, I will create an environment where I can focus on running alone.
And the night before the morning, we arrived at the venue and practiced with practice walking, practicing running
And winning and posing guts will make images finely up to where they will be honored.
I do image training that runs in tension above all else. And win in your head! !
On the actual day, I repeat image training even 100 times or 200 times so that my power can be 100% anyway. And before winning the actual run you win the opponent! Not myself will give 100% of the power now!
And if you lose 100% and you lose, your opponent is amazing! Happy having a good rival! Let's say!
And the actual number only to concentrate on running the machine ahead in front! !
With such a feeling, I was able to concentrate on only running, with good tension, and I was able to leave a good result.
How about that? Did you have any difference?

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