On the TV

I was featured on Moriwaki on TV the other day!
I was doing Moriwaki won the last victory of Suzuka 4 and so on
Mr. Moriwaki said in that! Four riders are better than running a circuit
You made a lot of gymkhana! ! Let Gimucana do it every day at the factory parking lot
I was devastating the basics of motorcycle control! !
I know that! People who are engaged in biking for many years!
I was really glad to see it (^ _ ^) v

It's a totally different world story, but among European alpine skiers
It seems to be fashionable to do proper walking now?
According to what I listen to, if I can walk properly, the skelding time will be higher as the skeleton is in place!
I also took a bit of an exercise to buy special shoes, these shoes are rounded so that the sole balances properly
Goods that you can not walk without walking and become a proper way of walking with nature.
I think that the effect is to say that it is fun from the end of the season
It is the second step to maintain a 43-year-old body in a good condition.


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