I went to the toko training

Today I joined the Toko skill that Saotome couple doing.

In this cold weather, weather forecast there is a snow mark. .
Even in such a situation the metamorphotic people will come together one after another (^ _ ^;)


It is stupid, is not it right?

It is seriously bad at the start of running! Even with a tire warmer attached
It gets cooler and colder. .
Diablo at this time is the worst. . She slid in the crank and rolled a whole circle.


But if you are doing your best and running, heaven will not let you go
The road gradually dried in the afternoon!

Since the pace has also steadily risen, the last set releases all tying of rotation!
I tried putting it in full open mode.

It was shortened by 3 seconds with tying the rotation and fully opening.
Although the road surface dried up, I could feel the potential of 310 satisfactorily.


Participants with SSB bumper attacked gangs while rolling left and right and was struggling to practice ~


I noticed that it was a practice session today, so please
I would like to improve and improve the potential. .


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