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Since the machine is not finished easily, decide to start over again
I am making it from scratch.
So I studied how to become a reference while watching several DVDs of the A class top.
After all the front-back balance of the top machine is in good condition!
And more than anything, the center of gravity movement to the rear wheels immediately after turning back is fast!
And even in that state too much omission of the front wheels has not come out · · ·
Still the balance of steady circle turning is in a state that it is possible to run in even –
"Well the balance around here is NSR's the best ~ is not it?"
Compared to that, GSXR obviously sees a lot of time and percentage riding in front.
I keep on the front wheels even after turning back and I am on the front wheels until I can open the accelerator.
However, this was to abruptly kill engine characteristics that power comes out abruptly …
You can not do it like this! Imagine calmly the movement of the machine again
I would like to rebuild the machine.

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