New machine delivery car

Yesterday was the delivery of a new car!

This time the car is Honda 2007 model CB 1300.
The color is blue, although there are no ferocious pictures …


Over the past year, I have been studying various machines for coloring.
Shape, ride, durability, tired things, etc.
And I want a machine that can get outstandingly in the SB class.
It was this machine that came up there.
Just to pick up the place I'm most concerned about the injection
Access ring! "All the injections I have ever experienced
I could not deal with delicate accelerator work and it was becoming a fun vehicle. "
This was the most important point of this machine selection.

And the selected 07 model CB 1300 SF!
The engine that reacts directly to the accelerator is one accelerator
You can control the car freely and taste the real thrill of riding
I was finished with a very fun machine!
Is the leg around too already exceeding the ZRX rent that was on before?
I feel good enough to think!
After break-in is over, add 002 Street or 016, α 11
I would like to try boiling down around the legs.
By the way, the engine has both inhaled and exhausted hands
Even though it is normal, it is finished with an engine which is easy to handle several times!
It is already the best! !

The shop I bought this time is Honda Motorcycle Shinjuku B!
It is the organizer of the familiar Dunlop Gymkhana contest.
When I happened to go, I discovered the new car's blue "red and white was disgusting ~" that should not exist!
I jumped up (^ _ ^;)
So yeah, I got a free Dunlap Tournament for 1 year with a new car purchase!

The main part of gymkana is DRZ, but little by little CB is at practice session
I am thinking that I will participate in some contest while taking a face.

At that time is a falling SS, is not it? (^ _ ^;)

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