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GSXR 750 has been uphanded and since we are doing gymkhana run three times at the moment
Every time I am trying to clear the problem while trying to clear up the problem.
However, it certainly will not go well, the setting is coming and going.
I thought that the low speed was not enough and if I made the front one another short,
It became power enough to raise ^ ^; Then when you ride ZRX 750? When
The punch power of GSXR was amazing as I thought. .
Chattering at the front also does not fit, and the setting of the rear suspension also has to be changed
It seems no good. Change the rate of the rear suspension during this week and change the final
I'd like to bring it to the practice session on weekends and boil down.
But I am looking forward to this place because it is running so far even in the current state (^ ^ ♪

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