Husqvarna full-scale launch –

It is CBR 600 F 3 that I have finished since the beginning of this season


I can not hide the potential shortage to fight in the top class now ,,
There is no possibility of shrinking a few percent.
After all, it is a tough situation when it comes to time that it is heavy 600 of late age.
Running is fun and good machine, is not it?
But ZRX is even fun and powerful if you say it


It is also a fact that attractiveness to fight general classes at CBR will become thinner now
There are also a bit of backwards in entering with old vehicles (^ _ ^;)

By saying that the charm of F3 was fully demonstrated, …, convinced

Let's try introducing Husqvarna SM 250 in full scale from next
I began thinking seriously.


It's a vehicle that no one is on board and I do not know how far the potential is
However, I wanted to challenge the fast top people now with machines that make me feel the future and enjoyment.
Potential can not be demonstrated immediately though
It would be interesting if you could see the typhoon in the neighborhood ~
Why not you (^ – ^)

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