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Bikes are not limited to gymkhana but the steering wheel is out of hand and it is bent.
Especially gimcana is often cut until you get a handle lock.
Let's consider the task of cutting that handle.
Even when cutting the steering wheel there are features of fast people.
In short, many of the fast people have little bending in their arms even if the steering wheel is blown.
So why are the arms bent even though they are cutting the handle? Many people feel strange!
If you do so, you turn the shoulder and cut the steering wheel. "It will bend somewhat (^ _ ^;)"
Shoulders are not just shoulder in a word, but when the shoulder revolves, the torso twists and the waist is twisted and the outer leg is pressed against the car body. . By shoulder turn around where you cut with your arms almost complete with only your arms
It becomes possible to make a state that turns the entire body inward.
After that, the balance between the turning speed and the bank angle makes lean out or lean wise.

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