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The other day, I made a friend ZZR 1100 bumper!
How to go ahead with the naked ZZR? And which position is effective?
Also, where to take a heavy bike as a support? And devise a vision.
After everything is decided, we will process each one afterwards and do assembly welding!
And finally it is finished! Celebrity rises with your friends (^ _ ^) v Impossible
Good feeling! Try to defeat the bike and check performance! It may be pretty good.
The bumper I've been making so far has the highest priority to run fast!
And I made it as a goal for the structure and position which rolling and falling difficult to reverse upside down. "When it gets upside down
The damage gets bigger. "
And ZZR Is your company? A sufficient guard function and compact design that does not get in any way! Looks like …
And we only have to actually fall over and have the test done ~ (^ _ ^;) Haha



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