Final setting

Most people think that the final setting is selected with slow rise and ease of driving.
But in my case it is slightly different.
Even if the rear final is different, the difference in the number of revolutions at the same speed is subtle.
But the driving feeling is quite different.
What do you think the difference comes from? I think this is the position of the rear axle.
When the position of the rear axle shifts 1 cm, the position of the center of gravity, including the rider, greatly differs.
The front becomes heavier or lighter, and this difference makes the driving feeling different.
So setting the final position of the axle will be balanced before and after your liking
I will set the final for deciding.

In addition, even if the same gear ratio is large both front and rear, the characteristics are greatly different if it is small both in front and rear. Both front and rear are big and sharp feeling and small makes it feel smooth.
Especially for machines with power this change is big ~
By the way, the size of the rear sprocket on Moto GP machine! Have you seen it?

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