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Last night I exchanged a front fork!
But it was surprising to open a 06 type fork, the content is quite different from what I have ever had!
1100 → Initial type 1200 → 06 type It came with 1200 R, but there was a difference of several years clearly out there.
First of all! This is 5 ~ longer than others! And when you let it sink it is short?
It means that the stroke is getting longer ~! And the evolution of contents! Even with just a look
Because the finishing has improved a lot! I think that the smoothness of movement is quite different if it is different so far!
Still no data, so we assembled it with the same data as before, mounted!
Thinking down, the damper is very profitable! Things that have not finished breaking yet
Ome is cold, "It was probably temperature of about 5 ° C." It is natural that movement is bad
You can use it even if it is weakest. But even in such circumstances the smooth movement is coming!
Movement resembles Orlys fork which I tried a little before before ~ ​​It is the position I think so!
ZRX also realized that the suspension evolved considerably with the times!
I do not know whether the suspension is another thing and the same setting as before is acceptable
It is shakedown like this at the office tea ceremony cup! How much difference in suspension comes out
Fun ~ (^ _ ^) v

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